Black Mangrove Tree

Black Mangroves are trees that only grow in certain parts of southern Florida. They usually grow with their roots in the ocean. Having developed a method to eliminate unwanted salt through their leaves, these trees get much of their nutritional requirements from the sea.

Easy to identify by their pencil roots that stick up vertically from the ground around the base of the tree, they flower prolifically in the Keys from early May through early July. They hold nectars rich in vitamins, minerals, and pollen content.

Black Mangrove Honey

The Black Mangrove is the only of the three Mangroves that produces sufficient nectar for honey production.

Years ago, Black Mangrove Honey was a well known and lucrative seasonal business for Florida beekeepers. Production was mainly centered in the Florida Bay, where large areas of naturally occurring Black Mangroves stood. It was considered a local delicacy in those times.

A series of hurricanes in the Everglades National Park later destroyed large areas of the Black Mangrove stands. Following these natural disasters, most of the few remaining beekeepers turned their attention away from Black Mangrove Honey production, further reducing the supply. Nowadays, the Black Mangrove only grows in viable quantities in certain isolated regions of Southern Florida, and demand always far outstrips supply.

Keez Beez Raw Black Mangrove Honey is a premium honey which contains a very high percentage of Black Mangrove nectar, and small quantities of other local tropical trees that bloom at the same time and are selected by the bees for their complementary vitamin and minerals. The resulting honey is rich, dark, and strong flavored. It is a unique premium honey in the USA, absolutely delicious.