Red Mangrove Tree

red mangrove honey tree
red mangrove honey flower florida keys red mangrove flower

Easily identified by their reddish colored roots that project downwards into the water, Red Mangroves are an icon of the Florida Keys. They line the shores of many of our Keys and are one of the most widespread trees in South Florida.

Able to grow in salt water, they occupy an ecological niche that no other plant seems to have mastered. Red Mangrove roots provide shelter, food and cover for a wide variety of marine species, and are considered a vital part of the ecology. They are now protected by law in Florida.

Red Mangrove Honey

Red Mangrove honey is a premium amber colored honey unique to the Florida Keys.

In the Florida Keys, Red Mangroves usually flower slightly later than the black mangroves. As the black mangrove floration starts to tail off in July, the bees gradually turn their attention to the remaining red mangroves, and later to the much less common white mangroves and buttonwood. This gradual blending of nectars from distinct species gives our mangrove honeys its distinct and delicious taste, unique to the Florida Keys.

In return for their nectar, our bees pollinate a huge number of mangrove flowers, which eventually leads to many new mangrove seeds and young plants, enriching the entire local ecology.

red mangrove honey