Sea Grape Tree

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In the USA, the Sea Grape can only survive in parts of Southern Florida and is considered native to the area. This plant is common throughout the Caribbean Islands and loved by many out there.

Easily recognizable by its stiff large round leaves, it is often seen on the edges of South Florida’s coast where its roots helps eliminate wind erosion of the beaches and its thick canopy leaves offer shade to sunburned tourists. Sea Grapes are a protected tree in many areas, as they are both a slow growing and long living native species.

Sea Grape Honey

Ideal for use in tea and other infusions.

In the Florida Keys, Sea Grapes are common, being well adapted to the particular climate and soils of the Florida Keys. They are found in most beach-front State Parks, hotels, municipalities and many residential areas. Flowering mainly in April, they provide a good source of nectar and pollen for Honeybees.

Pollinated Sea Grape flowers develop into green berries which look similar to green grapes, hence the name sea grape. The berries, if not eaten by birds, will turn reddish as they ripen in the summer, and can be made into a delicious preserve - A favorite of Florida’s early settlers!

Our resulting Sea-Grape honey is light, clear, sweet, very slightly spicy, making it ideal for use in tea as well as cheese, cereals and yogurts. We also use the Sea Grape honeycomb in our Chunk and Comb Honeys as the light color and delicate flavor are particularly well suited to this application.

sea grape honey